Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photo Roundup From The Last Week Of April

All these pictures were taken on my iphone and processed with instagram. You can follow me if you want too! My user name is redherringjeff.
Much as I hate to admit it sometimes, we do watch television. I think that even though it's not like I just plop them down in front of the set and then go and do...whatever it is grown-ups do, it still feels like it sometimes. Ha-ha-ha! It's always interesting to see how they react to the content of different shows or episodes. This was an episode of Yo-Gabba-Gabba about nap time, and Olive got out a little pillow and layed down to watch.  Something I noticed about this picture as I uploaded it is the little blue sock in the corner...Socks are for some reason everywhere in this house.
I walked into the living room the other day and Ken was lying on the floor...naked...with no head. I asked Abby where his head was and she told me she was playing with it. I asked if I could put it back on his body. No. She was playing with it. She had a school bus going to school with Bert in an easy chair, a can of soda, an apple, and kens head. Being driven by a suit of armour. Okay...
While we were at I Am What I Am on Main Street in Saint Charles, dropping off some merchandise for the 1 year anniversary party. Abby wanted to make sure that her Barbie who she's named Aveena got to see what was going on. While we were there, she decided that Aveena was getting cold with no clothes on, so she dressed her in a paper towel. And tape. Lots of tape.
We had a pirate party for Olive's second birthday. This is Zoey peeking over the couch, looking for buried treasure. After it was all over, and everyone had gone home, Amy asked Abby if it was a good party. Abby said it was "the BEST party ever!" Yikes, best party at four? I guess she's in for a lot of dissapointments from here on out then, ha-ha-ha!
Abby winding down playing a little Leap Pad after a busy day. Sometimes, the light hits them just right...

Until next time, take care and be good!
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