Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fight Like a Supergirl

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I came up with my best superhero cape ever!

A few years back, one of my coworkers was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before she began treatment, I was honored to sign a pair of pink boxing gloves to encourage her to "fight like a girl." And boy did she. Later she did a photo shoot with the gloves, and I can only imagine what kind of strength she had and still has. She and my feisty aunt, who also beat this villainous disease, are my inspirations for this most super of capes.

The cape is available at both Fusion in Chesterfield Mall and I Am What I Am in old town St. Charles. They are $45 with mask included and 50% of the sales go to breast cancer research. Also available are pink ribbon neck wraps and eye pillows (also 50% donated) and satin pink ribbon no-sew iron on decals for $1 (100% donated).

Thin permanent markers instantly turn this cape into a wearable get well soon card.

Below is Jessi, owner of I Am What I Am, standing next to the cape at her shop's  Progressive Pink Party last weekend.  She had a close friend who is unfortunately no longer with us, and although I did not know her, if she was Jessi's friend, I'm sure she was a supergirl in her own right.