Monday, November 21, 2011

Win a Kermit Marker Sketch

Mrs Handmade and I are long time Muppet fans. We enjoy them as much today as we did when we were kids, and we are all looking forward to the new movie coming out on November 23. In his speech to Doc Hopper at the end of the original Muppet movie, Kermit says:

“I’ve got a dream too. But it’s about singing and dancing and making people happy. That’s the kind of dream that gets better the more people you share it with. And…well…I’ve found a whole bunch of friends that share the same dream, and that makes us kind of like a family.”

We take a lot of joy in what we do, and with sharing it with you all. In that spirit, from now until when Mr. Handmade manages to check our FB page on November 23, we will be having a giveaway drawing for this marker sketch of Kermit and his banjo. All you have to do is leave a comment on the photo thread on our fan page telling us who your favorite Muppet is.

And like Kermit says, it gets better the more people you share it with, so let your friends know too!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Roundup

It's a good life, and don't let anyone tell you it's not. Trying to keep up with a couple of different blogs, and get stuff made is...interesting. Unfortunately, it's our correspondence with you all that seems easiest to let fall to the wayside.
Things are busy here, as we wrap up outdoor chores in the last few beautiful days of autumn and prepare to bundle up indoors with indoor games and projects and cabin fever.
Mr. Handmade rearranged the living room, and gave it a much needed deep cleaning. No more dustbunnies under that couch!
The air was a bit chilly (it IS November after all), but the diapers, socks and shirts looked so festive blowing in the wind and sunshine.
Our little adventurer. Olive knows no fear, and insists on climbing everything at the park and going down the slides all by herself.
Just love this little peeking smile around her milk. Ha-ha-ha!
Abby was just in a fingerpaintin' mood the other day. She did four or five paintings...of camels? We wonder where she got the idea of painting camels from, but 4 times out of 5 when she makes something, it's a camel. Or a mail box. Mr. Handmade asked her if it was all ready to go in the shop. She said "Yes, that's why I'm making it all beautiful."
Speaking of the shop...Mr Handmade put this new display together for his marker sketches. He'll do a proper post about them soon. As soon as he gets the calender he's illustrating finished.

At the park.
Mr. Handmade's friend, Chet's car. It's currently being dismantled by the boys to be refinished.
Don't you just Love Olive's monster feet?
Mrs. Handmade hard at work making capes in the studio.

Not pictured:
-Getting together with our crafty friends at Fusion for our Pre-Holiday meeting/pep rally.
-Our trip to the Store Supply Warehouse to pick up fixtures for art and craft shows, fairs and festivals.
-The look on Abby's face when I made her eat Cream of Wheat
-Trips to the shop to drop off custom orders (did you see Mrs. Handmades breast cancer apron?)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fight like a the kitchen

This is a custom order for someone who saw the Supercape at Fusion.  Her mother is a survivor and, as much as she loved the idea of it, she didn't quite see her mother decked out as a superhero.  Enter the Fight Like a Supergirl apron!

Double layer cotton fabric with ribbon trim and handy-dandy pockets.

Mr. Handmade took a cute picture of me with baking props and everything; but really, who are we kidding?