Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo Roundup From The Third Week Of April

All these pictures were taken on my iphone and processed with instagram. You can follow me if you want too! My user name is redherringjeff.

Mrs Handmade is on Instagram now too! If you'd like to follow her, her user name is mrshandmade.
Abby turned four last week.  Where did the time go? Here we are giving a cheesey four-year-old grin, wearing the birthday crown Amy made for her and the awesome Doctor Who shirt by our friend Andrea over at Zenbot Baby

Amy gave Olive a super hero cape the other day...She hasn't taken it off since.  She'll be two next week, and it's awesome seeing her "get" that some things are special, and develop a sense of herself. We'd forgotten ho funny two-year-olds are!
There comes a point when the kids get tired of me taking pictures of them...Abby had reached her breaking point yesterday at dinner.  Here she's telling me "No! No more pictures!"  Then the waitress came with her birthday ice cream and a song, and she was so surprised and smiley.  Ha-ha-ha!

 I made a lot of progress on some new buildings yesterday.  This one I call my Cthulhu house.  I have this idea for using FIMO clay to add hair to my peg people. First up is some Doctor Who characters!

Until Next time, take care and be good!
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