Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Handmade Family at Fusion

Big news for the beginning of March! A couple of weeks ago, we applied to be vendors at Fusion, an artist co-op whose main purpose is to offer a unique blend of art, crafts, local music, and classes to the St. Louis area. Located on the second floor of Chesterfield Mall, by Sears, the location is awesome, and we're so excited about the opportunity!

The last couple of weeks have been SUPER busy. Between, deciding on our mission and settling some branding issues, getting all our signs and graphics together, and then finding displays that both fit our image of who we are but also would fit in with the artists already in the shop... it's surprising that we had time for anything else. We went in last night to set up our display space, and get our contract and orientation taken care of...

Amy did a great job of getting plenty of product together to fill the shelves. Bean-bag games, baby blankets, neck wraps and key chains. Not to mention the super hero capes! On top of that, I brought in some paintings and prints to round out our selection. Not too shabby of a start! Our business cards came in today, and I have some more artwork to add, so we'll definitely be back in the next couple of days. We'll also be working four days a month, so come on down to see us!

And finally, our little family keeps growing up before our eyes. I remember when Abby was just a little baby, and now she's so big and reading to her baby sister...I tell you what, the days just fly by.


  1. great to see the store, we plan on visiting it soon. congrats.

  2. Thanks guys! We're super excited about it!