Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Pat's Day!!!! Abigail was a SUPER leprechaun!

Jeffrey and I had been throwing the idea around about going to the big St. Pat's parade this year. I'm usually not off if it's during the week, but spring break gave me the option to go. The forecast was beautiful, and we knew Abby would love a parade. So in true Amy fashion, we made the decision late last night to actually do it, and at midnight I had a brainstorm. We needed shamrock capes! Three hours later I've got a cape and mask for Abigail, and an extra set for her to share with her friends.

Even superheroes need a lift sometimes.
Watching the parade and protecting the citizens of Shamrock City.
No, Alex is not picking her nose. She's adjusting her mask.

She was super excited to see it this morning and wore it from the time we left the house at 11am to around 6pm when we were eating dinner with Nana and Papa Jim. The house that we watched the parade at was absolutely PERFECT. It was on the parade route, fenced in, and had a climber for the kids to play on. No 'keeping super-leprechaun on a short leash so she doesn't get squashed by people' for this mommy! She had a blast playing with all of the other kids (I brought extra masks, too, so they could all be supers). Olivia had her first crawling through the grass experience; no sensory issues for that little one! She went everywhere, and even climbed up the little slide over and over and over again. It was a great and exhausting day, and I'm very excited about the possibility of crawling into bed very soon.

The privacy fence was just in front of the climber, so the kids could still see the parade when they were up there. Just to the left in the pic is a chain link fence.
Olivia is becoming quite the 'super' herself.
Missy & Abby holding hands after the parade

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