Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Wine Cozy & Coasters

Introducing a cute new gift set!  

This design was inspired by a friend's recent marriage, as no one in the Handmade Family drinks wine.  Now if I made a beer coozie, that would get used.  Although these days with kids and work and work and work, it probably wouldn't be that often. 

Large enough to hold a wine or champagne bottle.
Comes with 4 padded coasters.  Sorry folks, glasses & wine not included.
The coasters fit nicely in the bottom of the bag for easy storage & carrying.

If you're interested, you can hop on over to our Etsy shop to pick one up (blank or personalized), or just contact us.  Embroidery is available and I have lots of other fabric if this one doesn't float your boat.

Thanks for reading!
Mrs. Handmade

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