Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goin' off the Grid

Jeffrey got a clothesline for his birthday from his parents. He recently dug and cemented holes and is now hanging our laundry out for all to see.  He's quite excited about this, and wanted a cool bag to carry clothespins in.  So after some discussion and a couple of nights of planning and working, I bring you...

All of the material was from a large bag of fabric scraps (5 large bags to be precise) that was given to my by a friend.  Some was kept, some was trashed, and the rest was given to The Upcycle Exchange (which if you haven't yet checked out, it's definitely worth a look).  

It's got a large opening with not top closure for the clothespins.

The top flap has no opening underneath, but has snaps so he can hang it from the clothesline.

The straps button on, so if he wants to he can remove them while it's hanging.

Doesn't he look so cute getting ready to skip out on some of our electricity bills?


  1. Love it!! What a great idea!! I don't hang my laundry, but this would make a great carry along bag...you know for the kids odds and ends. Markers, action figures, etc! LOVE the fabric!