Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life With Girls

 Have you seen the Life With Girls webcomic yet? Mr. Handmade has been writing new strips for the old Daily Life cartoons since before Christmas, and has rebranded it as Life With Girls. Basically, it's stories about being a stay-at-home dad of two daughters. Right now, he's republishing all of the old Daily Life illustrations as he works on a new format, moving forward into a more ongoing story, instead of a series of anecdotal illustrated status messages.
He's pretty excited about the whole thing, and we are very proud of how the project is shaping up. You can find it at

Watercolor Wednesday:
Spring is finally (maybe) here in Missouri, and when it's not raining, Mr Golden peeks his head from behind the clouds. Today is one of those glorious sunny days, and I thought I'd celebrate it by posting this sun painting in the Online shop.

As always, thanks for stopping in, take care, and be good!
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