Thursday, December 1, 2011

Handmade Family 2012 Calender Giveaway!

Over the course of the last month, Mr Handmade has been filling all his free time finalizing the illustrations for the 2012 Handmade Family calender. Now it is nearly finished and will be ready to send to the printers next week! Yay! We're really excited about this years calendar, featuring the kids dressed up as favorite movies and shows, and us parents trying to keep up with them! Ha-ha-ha! At the same time, we've also been running a contest over on our Facebook fan page.

At the beginning of November, Mr Handmade decided that on December 1st, he would write down the names of all the people who have "liked" our page and do a drawing to thank them for supporting us this year. The winner would get a Free copy of the 2012 calender, and there would also be a couple of runner-up prizes too! So, with the help of his little assistant, here's the results of this years Handmade Family 2012 Calender Giveaway!

The fourth place prize, a set of Pin Back Buttons goes to...
Sheri Grau!
Third place, a pair of Forest Sprite postcards goes to...
Curtis Ellis!
Second place, a signed print of the Sesame Street Illustration goes to...
Jessica Ballard!
and finally, First place, a signed copy of the 2012 Handmade Family Movie Extravaganza Calender goes to...
Kayla Lynn Jarnac!

Thank you everyone for supporting us and following us either here or on our Facebook page. We really do appreciate it.

One last note, before I sign off to go work in the studio, we are in the process of setting up a dedicated website with a store, galleries, news and blog at As you may have noticed, the url has the host carrier on it. Apparently, somebody has already taken, and so right now we are deciding what we would like our domain name to be. Until then, I'll be posting both here and there, and will let you know when we make the official move.

Until next time,

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