Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Am What I Am on Main Street Grand Opening

Mrs. Handmade mentioned the other day that she is excited and kind of amazed about all the new friends we have made since starting to work together on Handmade Family. It's like a whole new culture has opened up to her. One of the great things about this community, is that it really IS a community. Maybe I'm wrong about this, but it really seems to me that the sense of belonging to something that's bigger than us (whether that's sports, church, facebook... whatever) is something that we're all looking for.

One of our new friends, Jessi Gisburne from I Am What I Am is celebrating (celebrating? is that the word I'm actually looking for? I just checked her blog, and she says "3 days of celebration", so that's what I'm going to go with too! :) the grand opening of her new shop on Main Street, St Charles. We went in to see her yesterday, and are very excited about the new space she shares with Bliss Eleven, a local photography studio. Stop by and see for yourself, this coming Friday, April 15th - Sunday, April 17 they are kicking off the new storefront with prizes, giveaways, face painting, free food and wine.

Other artists featured in the shop include:
-Bella Due
-The Crafty Geek
-Dana's Creations
-Letters by Landmark
-Pink Seven Design
-RHD Missouri
-Villa Design

So much super-cool, handmade art in one place, and awesome people to share it with! Hope to see you all there!


  1. Thanks for sharing! So blessed to be a part of this community :)

  2. We always enjoy sharing the talents of our friends and peers. We feel the same way about the community. Thanks for stopping by!